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Mild steel Specials are made from pipes that have been manufactured and tested in accordance with BS 3601 or equivalent.
Where specials are fabricated by welding, the preparation and welding are carried out in accordance with BS 2633 or BS 2971. The ends of specials are prepared to match those of the pipes to which they are to be joined.
Specials are fabricated by welding from pipes which have been hydrostatically tested in accordance with BS 3601. All welds which have not previously been hydrostatically tested are to be tested by the application of penetrate oil or by any other non-destructive test which ensure equivalent leak- tightness. The design of specials is such that they are capable of withstanding a hydrostatic test pressure of one and a half times the maximum working pressure.
The Mild Steel Specials have comprising several type to be fabricated to suit various applications such as M.S Gusseted Bends, M.S Plain Ended Tee, M.S Flanged Offtake Tee, M.S Scour Valve Tee, M.S Air Valve Tee, M.S Hydrant Tee, M.S Concentric Taper , M.S Flat Taper etc…

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