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SuperGreen DCD (Demand Control Drive) ™


Our Mission Is To Provide Cost- Effective, Safe And Environmentally  Responsible Soloutions For Reducing Your Electricity Bills.

Where do the energy savings come from?

Where is the potential in a typical building:

Cooling tower energy management:


Sensors will read the incoming, outgoing, water and the ambient air, temperatures in real time and the motor is driven according to current demand
The fan motor of the cooling tower is a large source of energy consumption. Installation of   DCD, will result in significant energy savings. 
DCD use electronics to adjust the input of power to the fan motor, varying the fan load in reference to the real demand. 

Air Handling unit management:
Energy efficiency the right balance between comfort, building performance and sustainability 
Building air handling unit control is one of the challenges building owners have been facing for more than 50 years. The development of demand control drives benefits from our in-depth application know-how resulting from years of practical experience and extensive research work.

A high level of control accuracy optimizes the demand load and does away with unnecessary readjustments of the room temperature set point.

Water Pumps energy management system:

Flow rates can be controlled far more precisely and faster with Demand control drive systems than when using mechanical control concepts and can be adapted to the actual demand.
The advantage: A significantly higher degree of reliability For chill water flow  systems. Further, DCD opens up enormous cost-saving potential. This is the reason that our DCD system often has a payback time of less than 2 years.

Car park lighting and ventilation can account for high electricity costs…

Customized control systems offer straightforward and flexible solutions for complex control tasks, such as those encountered in car parks. Car parks can be subdivided into several zones to monitor the level of carbon monoxide and the ventilation system.
Continuous monitoring of CO2 levels enable DCD to drive the ventilation system according to demand.

Minimum ventilation during the periods of time the parking spaces are not used. In that case, the system is switched to maximum demand only if the CO2 limit is exceeded
Ventilation mode for the car park to be switched to full ventilation at fixed times, regardless of the present CO2 level. Sensor fail detection, which sets off an alarm and switches on ventilation if a sensor delivers lower CO2 values than would be expected in normal operation.

Benefits of Supergreen DCD ™

Improved Power Factor (0.98 across load range)
The drive system would maintain a very good power factor which will reduce the load on your capacitor bank fitted at the LV room, through increasing their life span by 150% hence reducing maintenance cost.

Eliminate Inrush Currents (Minimize voltage fluctuation)The DCD system will eliminate inrush currents during the start of the air handling system which can be 3 times of the running load. The end result is very little stress on the on the control panel fitted in the AHU room, increasing their life span tremendously, which reduces maintenance cost on the contactors.

Soft Star (Eliminates mechanical shock and stress on couplings, belts, drive shafts, gear boxes, etc.The most damaging factor to the motor is during the startup. The sudden jolt during startup causes damages to bearings and motor winding which it turns causes overheating. The soft start function of our SuperGreen DCD ™ prevents the stated issues and the motor life span increases by 300%. The controlled voltages and currents to the motor results in motors running cooler and quieter, saving money on maintenance.

Reduce utility and operating costs (Reduced electricity consumption.)
As mentioned above, with a 3 years warranty on SuperGreen DCD ™ and warranty on electricity saving, it is a very profitable investment, with a fast payback period.

Reduces loss of water thru evaporation and further reduces chemical and water consumption ( Cooling Towers)
When applied to cooling towers, other than the above mentioned advantages, it reduces water evaporation, saves money and reduces wear and tear of cooling towers. 
The SuperGreen DCD ™ system automatically balances the motor voltages imbalance, further increasing their life span. It eliminates motor voltage imbalance and reduces the breakdown of motors (Input Power Phase Reversal Protection)

Increasing the energy efficiency of Wastewater treatment plant:

Demand Control Drives can have immediate impact on the energy performance by targeting wastewater and water treatment facilities. Wastewater plants and drinking water systems can account for up to one-third of a municipality’s total energy bill. These facilities represent a significant portion of controllable energy usage and offer opportunities for cost-effective investments in energy-efficient technologies.
Most water and wastewater facilities were constructed decades ago when electricity costs were too low to be of much concern. Facilities and the equipment within them were designed to run continuously, without regard for wasted energy. Utility managers may not understand how to reduce, or even control, energy costs.

Kitchen and Restaurant exhaust fans:


All Restaurants big or small require a ventilation system for their kitchen.  These systems consume a big chunk of their energy bill.  Implementing specialised Demand control drives can save the restaurant a substantial sum of money. Which can relate to an increase in profitability and reduced operating cost
DCD (Demand Control Drives) is HVAC equipment management system developed in Malaysia. The system is fully automatic with sensors providing data in real-time in relation to the equipment demand requirement.  And   ac drives are special  inverter for HVAC system that drives motors in relation to the data coming in from DCD

System Architecture:

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